An interview with The Skints

British ska-punk band The Skints talked to me about their second album, how to survive the music industry, and widespread government-influenced murder. There is something about the sound of The Skints. It’s something to do with that off-beat funky rhythm; that earthy dubby bass; that outrageously danceable energy. The Skints have put everything interesting about […]

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‘LANGUAGE IS DEAD!’ – an interview with Little Comets

Kitchen-sink indie – that’s what the press are calling Little Comets. A rather strange label, admittedly, but it actually sums up this group quite nicely. The band’s outrageously infectious indie sound is very down-to-earth.They romanticise the mundane: trying to get a job in the “economic downturn”, sleeping in the car after a fight with the girlfriend, and […]

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Why Late of the Pier’s ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ is a bloody amazing album

In memory of drummer Ross Dawsom’s passing approximately a year ago, and with the rise of LA Priest, let’s remind ourselves why LOTP were so great. Think Late of the Pier and your mind should conjure excitable, jumpy, ‘what-the-fuck-is-going-on’ progressive dance-punk. Their sound is a very rich and complex recipe – those weird time signatures, […]

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